Thursday, April 26, 2012

Students on Summer Projects

We have about 5 students (possibly a couple more) going on summer projects, about 3 working at Christian camps, and more that are heading home for the summer with the heart and intention to live for Christ and make Him known to others around them! Isn't that amazing?! With summer projects (which are pretty much mission trips through Cru) quickly approaching, time is running out for the funds to come in for them in order to go. These students have stepped out in faith to say that they're going, trust Him to bring in the money and then have Him use them on their trips to reach others. What an exciting time! If you could please pray for them, their teams, and their finances as they go, that would be awesome!

"This summer God has provided me with the most amazing opportunity to serve him at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I will be going on the same summer project as last year but was invited to be student staff. I will be co-leading a bible study with some of the other staff as well as discipling 3 or 4 different girls attending the summer project. I am seriously so excited to take daily steps of faith this summer and trust the Lord with my whole heart. To GO and share the absolutely be love of all with the people in Orlando. I will be going on this project from May 26-July 7th and need to trust the Lord in raising 2,500 dollars. I also request prayer for this experience and that God would prepare my heart as well as the heart of the students attending this project. Thank you very much."
Ashlie Battiato

 "Following graduation in May, my options are to intern at a Young Life camp, intern at the Olympic Center, or start practicing as a personal trainer. I also plan on being a climbing bum, and make light sabers and sell them. I also hope to make enough money to buy a car so I can move to the Springs or Fort Collins. Prayers would be appreciated."
Taylor Carrillo


 "I got into my summer project! It is 'Shifting Sands' in North Africa with Jesus Film Ministries. I would greatly appreciate prayers! Of course I will also need to raise the support, which is about $4-5,000. The project is for three weeks in the June."
Rachael Taylor
1676 West Kuiaha Rd.
Haiku, HI 96708


 "I am working at a summer camp, Anderson Western Camps, near Eagle, Colorado from May 28 to August 20. I will be a rafting guide, doing rock climbing, and what not. Prayers would be appreciated."
John Clewe

 "I am working at a summer camp from May12- August 1. I am taking 14 boys with 3 other staff members into the wilderness. We will be rock climbing, leadership building, mountain biking, rafting, caving, backpacking, and much more. It will be a summer to live in a hammock with one shower a week."
Miranda Lanning


"With support, I will be going on a one month Summer Project with Campus Crusade for Christ. I will be in the outdoors learning about God and life led by the Holy Spirit. The focus of the project will be 'doing ministry' with co-workers; building relationships and looking for opportunities to share Christ. I need to raise $3,250 in around two months. I need several partners to give finical support (towards housing, materials, some meals etc.). If the Lord leads you to support me, checks can be written out to Campus Crusade for Christ, online gifts can be given here: , or mail checks to:
Brandon Cox
Fort Lewis College
7594 1000 Rim Dr
Durango, CO 81301
 Mainly, I need prayer. God is going to do amazing things. Also, pray for Colin B. as he trusts God to go on this same project!"
Brandon Cox

"I have an unbelievable opportunity to take part in a summer mission project sponsored by Campus Crusade. With support, I will be spending a month of my summer (June 9-July 9) in the mountains of Crested Butte with Rocky Mountain Lifelines. The purpose of this summer project is to bring students into a grace and truth relationship with God and each other, to develop character and leadership in students using small groups, and to apply and reproduce these concepts back on campus and at home. Lifelines uses the outdoors to help people grow in relationship with God, in relationships with each other, in character, and in leadership. I need to raise a total of $2,750 by June 1st. If you would like to help me financially, please email me at  Also, prayers are greatly appreciated as I trust and follow God during this process."
Anne Barby
P.O. Box 4275
Durango, CO 81302


 And we have for sure one student, and possibly two other students, for our summer project called Crush Fear. The two- week project starts May 14th for staff, and May 16th for the students - who are coming from all over the United States. Then we all leave May 30th. They will each need to raise $500. Chris Bilotta is raising support, and you can make checks out to Master Plan Ministries and mail support checks to:
Chris Bilotta
    7512 Tamarisk Dr.
     Fort Collins, CO 80528
Contact Malcolm and I for more details or if you would like to financially support these students.

We also have 3 interns with us in Durango this summer! We are so excited to see these students grow in their walks and learn what ministry is all about. Two of the interns were at Crush Fear last year, and the other is a student that Malcolm has been discipling for the past few years. Pray for these students, and contact us if God lead's you help them financially this summer.

Thank you for taking the time to read through and pray for our students! We are so proud of them, and so excited to see what God will do this summer!!

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