Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This Was All HIS Fault!!

Well, if you didn't want us on campus next semester, you're gonna have to talk to God about it because...

Seriously, God has orchestrated a crazy plan for our lives! When we set down our final amount in August, I (Leah) kind of thought to myself, "Well, maybe we don't go on campus at all this year..." We needed to raise an additional $2,500 in monthly support. When I was single raising support it took about 9 months to raise $2,000, so I expected this to take just as long or longer. But God quickly showed us that HE was in control and we were not. So now we are here, about 4 months later with our funds in in time for the holidays! 

We want to take a moment and thank ALL of YOU for your part in God's plan!! We thank and praise God for all of you who financially contribute, who met with us to hear about our ministry, and who prayed for us. We honestly couldn't be more grateful for every single one of you!!!

So, what's next in the Hillewaert agenda? Well, we definitely have a lot of fun and exciting things in store for us!

First, we are heading out early Saturday, December 10th, to go on our Honeymoon cruise!! We have had this planned before we were married, and every day that the temperature gets a bit cooler we have kept in mind our fun and WARM adventure that awaits us. We would appreciate prayers for safe travels and a time to recoup from this past month of traveling for MPD.

After that, we chill a bit in Durango, and then, head up to see family for Christmas. THEN we get to go to DCC again this year! DCC (which stands for Denver Christmas Conference) is put on by Cru (formally known as Campus Crusade for Christ), and it's a 5 day conference where students from all over our region come together. It's an excellent time for the students to grow more in their walks with God, and grow closer with the other students from our campus and the other campuses as well. Pray for us and the students as we prepare to go, and that the overall conference will be a great time of growth and a great time of fellowship for all who attend - and pray for anyone wh might get to hear the Gospel for the first time while we're there as well!!

Once again, we are truly thankful and humbled by all of you!! Let us know who we can be praying specifically for you.

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